Transform your


Data is the new oil. Given such a valuable commodity, don’t let the vessel that stores it be any less than an all-flash array.

Are you ready to accelerate your storage into the future?

Your business requirements often need more performance, more resilience, and definitely more efficiency. An all-flash storage delivers all that and more. It also offers unparalleled reliability that makes downtimes unthinkable and compressed data capabilities that help you stretch your storage investment. After all, an all-flash storage is just what you need to flash ahead.

With the storage of tomorrow, you can:

Enjoy high performance and low latency to support intensive applications

Enjoy cost savings by requiring a smaller physical and environmental footprint

Be flexible and scalable to accommodate large workloads or business growth


• HPE Nimble Storage

• Dell EMC Isilon
• Dell EMC Unity
• Dell EMC ECS
• Dell EMC VxRail

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