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JOS+ is an IT-as-a-service offering that provides outsourced IT support hours, enterprise applications and hotdesks in a one-stop solutions bundle. It operates in a monthly subscription model that enables companies to access enterprise-level troubleshooting and quick implementation of new technology.

Customers will be billed on a monthly basis. There is also an option for annual billing (pre-payment of 12 months of subscription fees). Currently, we are running a limited-time promotion: opt for annual prepayment and get a free 1-month subscription (e.g. Pay only for 11 months when you opt for a 12-months contract)

The minimum contract length is 6 months.

Yes. One of the key benefits of JOS+ is its high customisability. Take our IT assessment to find out what you need, and contact us. Our sales representatives will reach out with a tailor-made plan that best suits your unique needs.

Listed prices are exclusive of the 7% GST.

Yes! Let us know what you need and our sales representatives will reach out to you to customise a plan that would best suit your unique needs.

Yes, it is possible for some applications. Kindly fill up the assessment form and one of our sales representatives will reach out to you to tailor-make a plan that would best suit your unique needs.

Definitely! We encourage customers to contract more hours if they can gauge their usage and to also avoid more expensive overage charges.

Removal of IT support hours from the original plan will not be allowed.

Professional services will be provided separately upon request and charged accordingly, based on the following, depending on the type of application involved:


Bundled professional services for Microsoft 365, Sophos Intercept, Power BI, Xero and HubSpot

  • $400 for any number of users (online session, no installation)
  • $200 per user for in-person installation

Cisco DNS

$400 (1 to 10 users), $800 (11 to 50 users)

Citrix VDI

$1600 (1 to 10 users), $2400 (11 to 50 users)

Do reach out to our support team and we would love to understand the obstacles you are facing or explore a different plan that may suit you better.

Should you wish to terminate your contract early, please note that contracts with 1 year subscription will require an advance 1-month notice for early termination, and a penalty equivalent to 3 months of subscription fees. Contracts with more than 1 year will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. Removal of users or any single applications midway through a contract will not be possible.

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